Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Hugo Hesny Testifies: I Never Touched a Photographer!


Justin Bieber bodyguard Hugo Hesny has reportedly denied touching photographers while working for Justin, when he was questioned in a Miami deposition Friday by the lawyer of a paparazzo who is suing him in a civil lawsuit.

Both Justin and Hugo are being sued by Miami paparazzo Jeffrey Binion, 56, in a civil assault and negligence case which was filed last June.

Binion claims Justin ordered Hugo and other bodyguards to assault him after he was seen taking snaps of the then 19-year-old JB outside Miami’s The Hit Factory recording studio on June 5, 2013.

The paparazzo alleges Hugo held him in a choke-hold and displayed a firearm, while other bodyguards allegedly took his camera and memory card to delete photos.

Photographer Binion  (left), Hugo hesny (right)

Photographer Jeffrey Binion (left), Hugo hesny (right)

Gossip Extra reports Hugo was questioned in a nearly three hour deposition at his lawyer Elias Hillel’s Fort Lauderdale office by Binion’s attorney Mark DiCowden, who previously ran rings around Justin in a now infamous March 6 deposition.

Among Hugo Hesny’s statements:

– He never touched a photographer
– He never chased a photographer
– Justin Bieber never ordered him to attack photographers

Gossip Extra reports Binion’s attorney; DiCowden “may be seeking sanctions against Hugo Hesny for [allegedly] lying” in his deposition testimony.

Binion wants millions in damages from Justin Bieber.

  • Belieber

    Millions in damages? wow. Well, I could agree with Hugo when he says Justin never ordered him to attack the paparazzi. But Idk about that he never touched the photogropher because he shoved one before so im not sure. I ain’t saying he’s lying about it.


      Yes of course that Justin never ordered attack this layer !

      • Belieber

        I know

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Yeh when Justin was like see wat happens in my life cause the paps got to close and then the body guard shoved him

      • Belieber

        Yup I remember that

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    I bet justin never told the body gaurd to do any of hose things but the guard was just doing his job

    But it posses me off tht the paps knows what’s coming to them
    But they still bug him but I know y they do it it’s cause they’re stupid bosses DNT lay them enough so think hey y don’t I go assault justin bibet and his body guards so they can knock me out so I can sue them, yeh then I can make money

    The whole thing just makes my blood boil

  • Lailani

    Why the FCK would Justin tell his bodyguard to attack the stalkrazzi. Justin isn’t that stupid. Nothing they says is true.

  • Zebra skin Belieber

    Let’s never forget how the paparazzi killed princess Diana! After they forced her car to crash, instead of helping to revive her, they simply lay on her car bonnet to get the best shot of the dead body while her blood dripped off the windshield !!!

  • Hannah Cortez

    Millions in damage?? As far as i know the photographer did not get hurt. Smh and idk about when he said he never touched a pap cuzz from the previous years and info from here he got in a fight with a lot of them. But the rest it could be true idk . Anyways i just hope this thing gets over with really soon cuzz im tired of hearing all this drama

  • ivan

    Justin never ordered anyone to attack a pap; the Bodyguards, however, could go beyond merely telling paps to get back and stop the picture taking and get a little rough. Hugo has done that. He means well-to protect Justin, but he has to be very careful. Look at the trouble he caused Justin and himself. I think he lied if he said he never touched a pap because we have videos; if he lied, he could be fined by the court.

  • me

    ugh idk what happened but this guy is not even harmed he just want publicity and money