Justin Meeting Fans in LA -VIDEO

Justin BIeber kissing fans 3

Justin meeting fans in Los Angeles, July 9.

Justin Bieber Meeting fans in LA

  • Hannah Cortez

    Awww that was so cute when he was singing with that little girl. It reminds me of him and Jazzy

  • Nicki

    Awww, that’s sweet. I had a good time. I love when he was singing to the little girl. I got to take a picture with him too. Luv you Justin.

  • BelieberIsForever <3

    You know what it was ridiculous how those fake Beliebers made the #IgnoreJustinProject and they think that Justin doesn’t care about his beliebers, OMG WRONG!!!!!!!! Look at the pictures above does that say anything about Justin ignoring his beliebers??? NO!…. He loves us no matter what and he’s been on our side and we have been on his side ever since the Jelieber family starting growing. I feel so bad to the fake Beliebers that don’t understand what a ” Belieber” is. :( I’m glad I’m still part of the Jelieber family :)

    • Birk

      Those were idiots who got shot down by other faithful Beliebers.. Where are they now?? Real quiet now aren’t they? I agree they were fake Beliebers.

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        I know it’s like all THEY care is Justin’s look and stuff. I just love Justin because NOT ONLY that he is hot and everything but also when he spends more time with us and take pictures and kisses us and make us feel special :) He is the best Idol I could ever had and he’s been our life for so long, Yeah I agree with you where are they now? And yes they are very quiet but most of all STUPID AND LAME too. I’m glad I have a friend like you who understands what I just said, love ya girly ;)

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        I hope they didn’t our boy Justin’s feeling, if they did I would KILL them, wouldn’t you?

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        I hope they didn’t HURT our boy Justin’s feeling, If they did I will seriously seriously KILL them, wouldn’t you?

  • BelieberIsForever <3

    Justin + Beliebers make a better and healthy relationship, Why? because we love and support each other no matter what. We may have some arguments but that doesn’t stop us from being part of the family ;)

  • BelieberIsForever <3

    I Love you Justin XD

  • Belieber

    Aww he is so sweets towards us. We’re unbreakable.

  • Birk

    I like it when Justin stops for his fans and takes time out of his schedule for fans.

  • lovethebiebzzz

    awww Justin that’s why i lovee you so much. you are tired but still you make time for your beliebers loveee yaaaa <33