Trey Songz On Justin Bieber: We Love Him, We Hate Him (Video Interview)

Trey Songz talks Justin Bieber and the love-hate he gets from fans and media, plus his thoughts on Nicki Minaj and Anaconda at the Young Hollywood Awards 2014.

  • Hannah Cortez

    I’m not a fan of Trey at all but i have so much respect for him

  • lambor500S

    Love the positive response Trey Songz gave in his interview about Justin, Well done!
    Live it, Love it, Learn from it!

  • Belieber

    Such a great possitive responce. Much respect.

  • Birk

    I hope everyone sees the entire clip. Trey Songz is saying the media and public have a love/hate relationship with Justin not Trey.. LOL I agree with everyone else, what a relief it is to actually hear another artist say positive things about Justin once in a while as a person and as a fellow artist! It seems all Justin is getting is negative stories all the time, when it is actually not that way with people in the music industry who mostly have good things to say about Justin.

  • Lailani

    Trey is right. The tabloids always makeup shit that isn’t even true. All lies and rumors.

  • belieberforever

    Much respect. Good to hear positive things about Justin. ♥♥

  • dashareed14

    Love all the things he said about Justin.♡