Again, Justin Bieber Sued by Photographer After Bodyguard Destroyed Camera in Hawaii


Justin Bieber cliff jump in Hawaii & bodyguard Dwayne Patterson

Justin Bieber has been hit with a lawsuit from a photographer who alleges JB and his bodyguard destroyed his camera equipment last year (2013).

TMZ claims a new lawsuit has been filed against JB by attorney Sark Ohanian on behalf of photographer Aja Oxman.

TMZ alleges to have obtained legal documents where Aja claims he was subjected to a violent attack from one of JB’s bodyguards at Shipwreck Beach in Kauai, Hawaii last November.

Apparently once Justin and his team caught wind of the photos, JB ordered his bodyguard Dwayne Patterson to ask Aja to delete all the images.

When he refused, Dwayne allegedly became violent – holding Aja’s neck, pushing him onto a car bonnet, destroying his camera and stealing his memory stick, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also claimed JB ‘enjoyed the beating’ and demanded: ‘Go get his memory card and do whatever you have to do to get that card.’

Aja argues these actions were unfounded because Justin was jumping off the cliff in a public beach for all to see.

At the time Patterson was charged for third degree assault and fourth degree criminal property but let go on $3,000 bail.

  • Me.

    Can’t they just get over their bullsh°t it’s a fuck’ng year ago. . .

  • ivan

    this guy is adding details to make his case stronger; the original report stated he said he was not injured and did not want to go to a hospital; furthermore he adds details about Justin implying he was involved alleging Justin ‘enjoyed’ the beating and demanded things of his bodyguard; that means he must have been close to Justin to know what he said. Also, why wait all this time to sue? 9 Months?

  • Lailani

    Nothing they say is true and lies.

  • Lailani

    Nothing is true rumors.

  • Lailani

    Where do there stories from

  • Hannah Cortez

    Wow r u serious?? This was one year ago. If he keeps getting sued he will loose all his money soon

    • Sophia

      So.. are you still sure Justin’s bodyguards don’t get him into trouble?

      Justin just asked his bodyguard to [calmly] get the memory card from the photographer but when he refused, the bodyguard became violent and damaged his equipment. And admittedly, it was also Justin’s fault for being okay with what the bodyguard has done but in the first place, it was the bodyguard’s fault.

      • Hannah Cortez

        Well than he needs new bodygaurds