Chris Pratt Disses Justin Bieber: ‘How embarrassing to get punched by Orlando Bloom’ -VIDEO


Actor Chris Pratt is currently enjoying a huge wave of publicity following the runaway success of his new film Guardians of the Galaxy that is topping box offices around the world.

When asked about the recent scuffle between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, and the actor expressed a sarcastic sympathy with Justin.

“How embarrassing to get punched by Orlando Bloom! Like, of all the people you get punched by, it’s Orlando Bloom?” he said.

Having initially thought it was David Hasselhoff who threw the punch at JB, Chris joked “I’d rather get farted on by David Hasselhoff than punched by Orlando Bloom.”

Watch video below:



  • Hannah Cortez

    He never got punched omfg!!! But what he said was pretty funny Lol

    • Sophia

      Oh I don’t know.. maybe because Bieber’s bodyguard intervened knowing that Bieber can’t handle a fight like a man.

      • Hannah Cortez

        They were supposed to do their job and protect him. That’s why they get payed duh dumbass and Justin didn’t want to get into a fight in the first place and start problems Which was a good thing. It’s not that he couldn’t handle it and I wasn’t even asking anything or talking about it.

      • Sophia

        Protect him? Then, why is Bieber in trouble with the law because of his bodyguards? I will not argue with you about that because it is valid that his bodyguards are only trying to protect him, don’t worry.

        You seem absolutely sure that Bieber is the victim here and that he didn’t say or do anything that triggered Bloom to throw a punch. Well, from what I have read, Bieber said things, offensive things to Bloom and has done so much bad things and not one person tried to snap him out of that.

        I admit, it was wrong for me to say “like a man” but that’s just what I have observed from his actions and words. To me, he’s still an immature, lost and confused little boy.

        You post your opinion online and you think no one will respond? Really smart.

      • Hannah Cortez

        You just wasted time your time typing that long paragraph And No Justin himself is introuble with the law not his bodyguards. I meant protect him from getting hurt and I didn’t ask for a respond

      • Sophia

        Nah, only took about 5 mins. Have you heard of this quote? “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

        Bieber is in trouble because of his bodyguards.

        From getting hurt? These cases are hurting Bieber and his team and his beliebers. It may not be seen but it is implied.

        response* And I don’t really care.. There’s a reply button there, why not use it? You may not like it but that won’t stop me from replying. Now, it’s up to you to reply and you did which is why we are here.

      • Hannah Cortez

        I’m not going to argue with someone over the damm internet so goodbye

      • Hannah Cortez

        And OK well who was the one who got arrested and drunk drived. Him or his bodyguards??? Justin did all so stop blaming his bodyguard all the time. He makes his own choices not his bodygaurds

      • Hannah Cortez

        And why do you even care if he’s introuble with the law. It doesn’t concern you and it doesn’t affect your life. Stop worrying about him and mind your own business

      • Kekway Blade

        So if Justin would have hit Orlando.. Here you would be screaming that Justin Bieber is a violent thug who belongs behind bars, along with all the other insane haters of Justin.. You know damm well you would be one of the first in line to call Justin a violent thug who hit a man almost twice his age!!!

      • Sophia

        I’m not that close minded. It just means that Bieber knows how to defend himself (especially if he knew he did nothing wrong) from other people. I don’t know if Bieber did or said something (pretty sure he did but whatever) that triggered Bloom to (attempt) punch him.

        I won’t and shouldn’t come to a conclusion that Bieber is a ‘violent thug’ if Bieber did throw a punch because I would know he’s only trying to defend himself.

      • Hannah Cortez

        Well then why are you trying to be all smart stating all these facts and critising him

      • Sophia

        Smart? For heaven’s sake, I’m only stating my opinion! If you don’t like it, fine but please don’t assume. And facts are true and can not be argued upon so you can not argue with me seeing as you said that what I said are ‘facts’. What’s wrong with criticizing him? Face it, whatever you do or say, people will criticize you and complaining won’t make it easy. I’m just hoping that Bieber uses these criticisms to make him a better person and prove others wrong.

      • Hannah Cortez

        Well he isn’t going to listen to what you have to say. He doesn’t care what people think about him and criticizing him isn’t going to help you or Justin soo

      • Hannah Cortez

        And he isn’t going to see this so stop trying

  • ivan

    Most of these celebrities and hosts are stupid; pay them no mind.

    • Sophia

      Most of these celebrities and hosts are stupid because they have negative opinions on Bieber? That’s really childish of you. Reality check: not everyone will like Bieber or have positive opinions towards him but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid or ‘haters’.

      • ivan

        Not just Justin [some are endorsing bullying of a 20 year old] but on many subjects; furthermore it is mature to speak like school boys talking about fighting like that. Funny or not it’s stupid.

  • justin_usher2

    If you listen to the tape you know that Chris did not diss Justin. He slammed Orlando.

  • dashareed14

    Lol! It was funny when he was rapping Eminem song. But he never disse Justin.