Cody Simpson defends Justin Bieber following Orlando Bloom Fight

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson Backstage justinbieberzone.com

Cody Simpson has defended Justin Bieber following his altercation with Orlando Bloom, putting his misdeeds down to youth.

Cody had to dodge a punch from Orlando at a party in Ibiza after reportedly making a reference to the actor’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr who he was romantically linked with during their marriage. Cody insists JB’s misdeeds can be put down to his youth.

Speaking on Australia’s ‘The Morning Show’, Cody said:

Obviously we’re all young and he gets himself into some stuff sometimes.

He’s a person I’d go to for everything. He’s like a big brother.

He has the world in his hands as he does a lot of good as well. I’ve got all good things to say.

Justin and Orlando got into a row at swanky Ibiza restaurant Cipriani after Justin reportedly told the actor, “Say hi to Miranda for me,” prompting him to take a swing at the Biebs.

  • lovethebiebzzz

    What’s wrong with sayin’ “say hi to … for me”
    I Love Cody even more now xx

    • bieberlover654

      wait do u mean u love Cody more than Justin? I just asking u not complaining!


        I think she mean that she loves Cody even more than she did before

      • bieberlover654

        oh ok thx for tht I was just confused. lol


        Yes you are welcome! and why do you short out your words like tht and thx and u r!!

      • bieberlover654

        Honestly I not no y I do tht. oops there I go again. lol

      • lovethebiebzzz

        noo I Love Justin more than anyone

  • Birk

    It’s good to hear people who actually know Justin Bieber well and personally talk about him, instead of all these perfect strangers judging him and calling him every name in the book because of this image that the media created so that they could make money off of him. A lot of bashing of Justin Bieber, yet none of them know him well enough, just what they read.. Thankfully Cody is a good friend and is standing by him.. It make me sick to see these phony Beliebers on this site bashing Justin, they too have fell into that trap of believing every negative story about him……. You know who you are!!


      PREACH IT!! :) LOL

  • Hannah Cortez

    It’s great that Justin has someone positive around him and I’m not a Cody fan but I truly have so much respect for him

  • Lailani

    Cody and Justin are very good friends. Justin is like a older big brother to Cody

    • bieberlover654

      im not tryin to hate or anything but tht is basically wat Cody just said!! JUST SAYING!! lol

  • Lailani

    Cody seems to really look up to Justin.

  • Lailani

    Cody, Ariana, really look up to Justin. Really good friends.

  • Love music Belieber :)

    Hey guys Justin is nominate for TCA this year

    • bieberlover654

      Hey, but wat is TCA

      • tia

        teen choice award

      • bieberlover654

        O thx im really slow but thx again!! lol

      • #1belieber

        Teen Choice Awards!

      • berlover654

        OK th im really slow!! lol

  • Lailani

    About time Justin is nominated for TCA. Taylor swift is always nominated for everything Miss know it all

  • Belieber

    I’m glad he got those who are sticking up for him like Cody, kenny, & scrappy. Love you cody!

  • belieberforever

    I love cody even more. Thanks for defending our baby. ♥♥♥


    Cody Simpson’s good friend,and Orlando Bloom’s down-to-date actor !

  • maria

    Here’s the fucking thing; Orlando Bloom is 37 years old!! Why is he fighting with some 20 years old boy? I mean come on dude, he has fucking child and he is fighting with someone who is 17 years younger than him… I mean Bieber should stay in his land and stop acting like he owns the fucking world.

  • bilal

    justin bieber is totally a little bitch and who is saying is a person that was a couple of months ago a belieber, but i’m not anymore because I finally knew who is really Justin.

  • dashareed14

    Thats really nice.