Demi Lovato wants to Kill Justin Bieber, Explains Why She Unfollowed Selena Gomez


On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, pop singer Demi Lovato is put under the hot seat by host Andy Cohen.

Everyone wants to know why she had a falling out with her former BFF Selena Gomez, leading them to unfollow each other on Twitter. Their close relationship hit a bumpy ride as rumors swirled over a feud about Justin Bieber.

First off, Demi had to decide who she would kill, marry, or shag amongst Joe Jonas, Simon Cowell, and Justin Bieber. She jokingly teased she would “kill” all three.

Then the X-Factor judge passed on the second question, keeping her lips sealed about a scandalous Disney star. But what she couldn’t hide from was the interrogation about unfollowing JB’s ex Selena Gomez on Twitter.

Demi hesitates at first but answers, “I think it’s just one of those things where people change and people grow apart.”


Demi unfollowed Selena last month, allegedly due to the never ending drama with on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber.

A source told Hollywood Life at the time:

Demi doesn’t need any extra drama, she’s learned from her own recovery to lose the people that bring her down and Selena is too much of a headache.

The unfollowing of Selena is sending a message that Demi is pissed. She is sick of Selena’s boy-who-cried-wolf mentality.

  • Abigail

    Demi is my girl I love her so much more than Selena and she is better look’n then she is.


      Selena’s more beautiful than Demi .

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        I have to say tht is true

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      I wouldn’t blame her but she and everyone else know tht she doesn’t like justin and Thts wat this is about she needs to stay out of their business if it too much if a “headache”

  • Azaria Paris Magee

    The titles on the site are so misleading at times. What is up with her burning so many bridges though? I mean Justin she never really had a connection with, but Simon brought her on X-Factor and she worked with Joe on Camp Rock as well as toured with him before having her meltdown and rehab stint. I’d think she’d have chosen “marry” for him.

  • Lailani

    Demi seems very Straight ForwArd person

  • Lailani

    Selena will Always love Demi. Even though they fight. They will always be sisters

  • Hannah Cortez

    Awwww I can’t watch the video :( But I think it was rude for her to say that.she worked with Joe in Camp rock and Simon brought her to the x factor so yea. I wasnt really a fan of Demi anyway

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Yeh I like just watched camp rock yesterday for the millionth time

  • lambor500S

    The best thing Selena friends needs to do is never say anything negative about Justin to her. Everybody knows how much Selena cares about Justin, and everyone knows how piss off she will get if you start talking negative about him. The best thing would be if Selena brings Justin up in a conversation. Just give her a quit positive response about him and change the subject.

  • munas

    we all know it’s stupid to say that Demi unfollowed selena because of justin, I will never believe it no matter what they said ,I don’t think Demi is that stupid ,people will say anything when it comes to justin he is still here and he always will be always.

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      But think about it Taylor got all mad about all this carp a while ago and now u DNT see them together anymore who nos if now demi is sick of this and did it for this reason everyone just needs to back off

  • me

    i doubt she would unfollow her cuz of him.. it doesnt really make since .. but she could be fighting with her cuz of him cuz if she is her bff she wants the best for herand i dont think that justin is the best for her right now it doesnt look like he respects her and he wouldnt take her to the best things.. jst in case im not a hater i really love justin

  • dashareed14

    I love Demi but don’t kill him, kill Selena.