Elizabeth Arden: Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Perfumes Flop, Sales Drop!


A cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden blamed Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift for stinking up financial results in the latest quarter, causing the ‘biggest quarterly loss in the company’s history.’

The loss caused the beauty giant’s stock drop nearly 25 per cent, before the company issued a statement specifically pointing out the duo’s signature scents on Tuesday (August19).

The company said in a statement:

The decline in sales of celebrity fragrances, particularly the Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift fragrances, was steeper than anticipated.

The company posted a loss of nearly $156 million in the past quarter, as well as a loss of $146 million for the the fiscal year ending June 30.

Elizabeth Arden carries JB’s scents, Someday and Girlfriend.

  • Skittles

    justins career is dying.

    • Mrs.Bieber

      I don’t think so. When the sales drop, it really doesn’t make a big difference because that’s how marketing works like. But you indeed have a point.

  • lambor500S

    Elizabeth Arden Inc has nothing to complain about. Whether are not Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift colonge sales or not. The company gross
    547.43 million in Mar. 2014 and 469..66 million in June 2014. These are quarterly profits. To me I do not see any type of loss with those figures.

    • Azaria Paris Magee

      A 25% drop in their stock prices is a loss, it means their company is 1/4th less valuable than it was previously. That’s a pretty steep drop.

  • Azaria Paris Magee

    Have either of them been promoting their fragrances? I completely forgot Taylor even had a fragrance at all and I never see Justin promoting his. The only other fragrance I know of through Elizabeth Arden are the Britney Spears ones, but when two big celebrities don’t push perfume sales it’s sure to drop the sales. Justin is currently not very liked due to his behaviors, so that could deter people buying his perfume (though in reality, it’s just his name on the bottle). If Justin was in the news for his music and the positive things he used to be seen doing all the time I’m sure people would be more attracted to the perfume. The smell can sell it, but people will buy it anyways with a celebrity’s name on it that they like.

    • Mahnoor Mubashir

      cap it all it’s been two years since he released girlfriend and even more with someday.That woman is absolute nuts.

  • Hannah Cortez

    Their music sales dropped also and so did Justin’s movie believe. It’s probably bcuzz of Justin’s behavior and Taylor isn’t that famous anymore idk


    Enemies of Justin Bieber put into live their plan in order to completly destroy him .

  • ivan

    It was not just Justin and Swift’s perfumes that did not meet sales expectations, others did too; notice they use the word ‘particularly. They mention Justin and swift because they are the most famous of the celebrities whose perfumes they carry. there are always new perfumes coming out so people want to try those.

  • ivan

    As far as Justin supposedly fading, why does he have the record up to now as the social media king on the Billboard chart over everyone else. Why if he shaves, articles appear everywhere about it? Furthermore, notice he has been on vacation for a whole year? Lastly his album Journals ONLY available on itunes with out a CD or much promotion sold over 100,000 thousand copies the first week; compare that to Austin Mahones last album on CD and more promoted that sold about 67 thousand in one week and was in top 10 of billboard. No, he has not faded.

    • Lindsey

      In the US, sure. Other places, his star is fading fast. UK chart numbers for Believe, he came in at #1. Journals was #46. My World was #4 and 2.0 was #3 for comparison. That’s pretty bad for a superstar status artist like Justin.

      • ivan

        Journals was not a CD; only availlable on i tunes which some don’t have. Also it was hardly promoted on TV, Radio, or otherwise. Yet it sold over 100 thousand copies in one week which would have placed it in the top 10 at billboard if they bothered to include it. My world did well and was a Grammy nominee. Believe, both the concert tour and the album, were a big success; maybe not to you.

      • Lindsey

        Beyonce sold a million copies in the US alone on only iTunes before it was made physically available on CD so thats no excuse for someone who has so many online fans. The fact that he can’t shift that many copies with that many fans is telling. Also, I wasn’t dissing his previous releases, I put up their charting numbers as a comparison to how terrible Journals did, never said they failed.

      • ivan

        Beyonce did have much more publicity. Here in NYC, I here her name mentioned on radio and her music played more than was the case with Journals. Practically every song in Journals went to NO.1 on itunes at least for a day or two; furthermore, the album came out after most or all of the songs were individually downloaded. Wait for his album soon to be released before declaring him dead.

      • ivan

        Journals cannot be compared with his other widely performed and promoted albums on CD. One reason is it’s mostly R and B and a lot of his fans did not like that type of music; it does not mean he’s fading. He’s the most talked about, written about pop idol out there.

      • ivan

        The fact is albums don’t sell like they used to due to downloading, streaming, and illegal torrent fines on some sites.