‘Hot Justin Bieber is DEATH’ Twitter Scam!


A Twitter term that’s trending around the world is spreading malware.

“HOT Justin Bieber Is DEATH,” it says.

It also includes a link to an app that requests authorization for one’s Twitter account.

The app claims to be from service, but it’s fake.

After the Twitter app is authorized, it will make your account spam the “HOT Justin Bieber Is DEATH” with the link.

So it’s not recommended to click on the link or spread it further.

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  • Lailani

    WTF, seriously uh,


    Justin Bieber is live ! Forever !

  • tuba justin loverzz

    he ia alive

  • sl

    Close, he was at Chris Brown’s party during the shooting. Him and Chris could have been shot.

    • sl

      Correction: Justin was not at the club during the shooting. I’m
      glad Selena put a curfew on Justin, if he was at the club later on he could have been shot.

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    I’m so confused

    • Rebecca Bieber

      Me too

  • Hannah Cortez

    Wow seriously who would do that.

  • Mrs.Bieber

    Who I’m the world would do such crappy stuffs like that?

  • rani bieber

    wowwww i cant believe jb is hottttt lol yahhhhh

  • rani bieber

    belieber 4ever and ever belieber for life

  • Zane Gludiņa

    Biber is a live.


      I think we belieber should no tht

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Im confused??????????????

  • m l

    it’s remarkable how many adults are so jealous that they become haters. he is young and they aren’t. they can’t stand the fact he is far more popular than most and has far more money than they.

  • dashareed14

    So confused?????????