Justin Bieber Does the Shmoney Dance – VIDEO


Justin Bieber is the most recent celeb doing the “Shmoney Dancing” to Bobby Shmurda’s hit “Hot Nig*a.”

Justin’s good friend and producer Maejor Ali took to Instagram on Friday to share two videos of himself and JB in the recording studio moving their hips to the viral dance craze.

“Shmoney dance!!! Me Bizzle Za and Kalfani #freebreezy,” Ali captured one of the clips.

Check out the videos below! What you think of Justin’s “Shmoney Dance!”

Although the dance move gained popularity thanks to Shmurda’s music video for “Hot N*gga,” the “Shmoney Dance” song was first introduced in February by rapper and his GS9 crew member Rowdy Rebbel.

More JB’s fatass shmoney dance video:

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  • Hannah Cortez

    Lol cute

    • Lailani

      He’s so cute and adorable.

  • Me.

    I’m watching this and I’m like, his ass is better then mine :(

    • #1belieber

      IKR?! Lol!

      • Me.

        Haha it’s actually pretty sad to know a guy has a better ass then me but if it’s Justin I don’t mind :P

      • #1belieber

        Tell me about it. He got a BIG ass lol!

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one looking

  • #1belieber

    Dayum! He got a ass ass ass ass ass ass

    • me

      yah is it really bad if i say i kinda wanna bite it X_x

      • Me.

        No I feel the same I wanna do alot of stuff to his ass damn…

      • #1belieber

        Not really…..lol!

  • Cole

    Really what kind of a dance is that and it’s even more funny of how he put his pants lol.

    • me

      ok yah this dance is seriously hilarious .. its jusst cute cuz hes doing it but its really weirdXD

      • http://www.twitter.com/Lizzy__Bieber kiddyrhaul

        my twitter @Lizzy__Bieber ! Follow me! do u have twitter wut ur username?

  • Candise

    LMAO I catch Justin Bieber dancing in the gym.

  • Lailani

    I bet all the girls love Justin’s ass.

  • lambor500S

    If, this is going to be a new dance crazed call (Shmoney) at least it’s simple to pick up on. For young and old Lol!

  • Damla Memmedova

    Come to plasae Azerbaijan Justin

  • belieber

    He is cute!!!!!

  • belieber

    Dat ass tho

  • ILoveChristianCollins
    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Ikr he looks like he is doing a messed up chicken dance but he is still so cute

  • belieber

    Haha he is so weird ;)

  • Rebecca Bieber

    He is just to adorable >3