Justin Bieber Flyboarding in Ibiza, Spain

Justin Bieber Flyboarding Ibiza spain

Justin Bieber took to the ocean for some fun water sports in Ibiza on Sunday (Aug3).

He attempted the latest craze of Flyboarding, whereby a powered water jetpack is connected to the punter’s feet and thus propels them into the air.

Justin covered his head with towel and flaunted Calvin Klein briefs

After flyboarding, Justin cover his head with a towel while disembarking on his way to a restaurant.

13 comments on “Justin Bieber Flyboarding in Ibiza, Spain
  1. Hannah Cortez on said:

    Seems like a dangerous stunt. He needs to be careful but im glad he’s having a good time and OMG his booty is showing Lol sexy ;)

  2. justin_usher2 on said:

    looks like fun. I would love to try this. I did go parasailing in Hawaii. That was fun and I did do zipling in Cancun. Can’t wait to try this.

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