Justin Bieber gets Orlando Bloom banned from entering Ibiza party – Report Says


Justin Bieber had reportedly banned Orlando Bloom from entering a birthday party in Ibiza.

Sources revealed that Justin ordered his entourage to stop the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star from entering Givenchy fashion designer Riccardo Tisci’s birthday bash, News24.com reported.

Sources added that Justin had insisted that the organizers keep Orlando out.

Orlando had recently tried punching Justin at Cipriani after JB reportedly asked him to say hi to his former wife Miranda Kerr on his behalf.

  • Lailani

    Nothing they say is ever true. All lies and more BS

  • Lailani

    The tabloids are full of shit so are Hollywood life. Nothing they say is true

  • Lailani

    Don’t think justin and Orlando will ever like each other.

  • Lailani

    The tabloids or TMZ don’t even know the whole story they should STFU

  • Lailani

    The Stalkarazzi are losers and full of BS

  • Lailani

    Both are Talented and Adored by fans. Both love the ladies.

  • Lailani

    I love commenting on here about Justin

  • Lailani

    Justin is a good guy.

  • Lailani

    He’s very passionate at what he does.

  • Lailani

    It’s not like justin and Orlando are going to say Yes, we did get into a Fight over Mirranda and Selena. They both mean the world to US.

  • Lailani

    I adore justin and his music.

  • Belieber94

    Who does he think he is? A President? He is a messed up brat who thinks he’s God. Sorry Justin cuz you arent

    • Lailani

      He’s not a brat, I bet your not even a real belieber.

    • Rebecca Bieber

      Shut up stupid fat butt face…. Your NOT a belieber and don’t call yourself one…. Justin had the right too cause Orlando the douchebag started the drama…. So just keep your mouth shut or I’ll shut it for ya you low life loser. No wonder why you have no friends… Ugh!!!!!!

    • Rebecca Bieber


      • belieberforever

        OMB!!!; hahahah. You rock girl :)

      • Rebecca Bieber

        Awwww :) Come here give me a hug <3

    • belieberforever

      Why do you have that name anyway if your not a belieber? Just asking.

    • Person

      Gees who made you god almighty

    • Breanna

      Um how about you excuse yourself from this website because you’re clearly not a Belieber. How petty of a person you are to fake as a Belieber to post crap about Justin. Get you’re life together.

  • ZainJ

    2010 Justin Bieber – Acts nicely so he could get a possitive view from people.
    2012 Justin Bieber – Starts acting like a douch, starts clubbing
    2013 -starts hanging with many bad influences, causing troubles
    2014 – officially became a douchbag who thinks he’s a thug who can control everyone and everything just because he has fame and fortune.

    Sadly to beliebers who still try to defend him. He’s changed even if you want to defend him.

    • Rebecca Bieber

      Go defend yourself IDIOT

    • Breanna

      Justin didn’t ‘act’ nice in 2010. Justin was nice. It’s because of hater’s like you that criticized him since the beginning and gave him a hard time that he GAVE you reasons to hate him. And you act like we don’t realize he’s changed. But you don’t just give up on someone, you hope and pray that they’ll be the person they were once before. You give them support and love until they come to their senses. Justin’s still a kid growing up in this life and he needs a little guidance. He’s a mess right now but we’re not gonna give up on him.

  • justin_usher2

    Another made up story! If Orlando Bloom was invited by Tisci to his birthday party, then they would have attended the party. it was not a just drop in party. it was by invitation. Justin is powerful, but not that powerful.

  • ivone

    The media makes up stories and the sad part is that ignorant people believe them. Realize what they are trying to do, if it makes the news they will continue to exploit the story. Its all BS!!!!!

  • Lindabieber

    I don’t think he did that, after that fight why would Orlando show up anyway knowing justin is there? I don’t think Orlando would want to hang out with the freaking Kardashians anyways (who would?). I think these two just need to stay away from each other from now on. Don’t need to ban anyone, I’m sure Justin wouldn’t come to a party with orlando there, and orlando wouldn’t come to a party with justin being there.

  • dashareed14

    Zain shut-up. People change thats life.

  • Hannah Cortez

    Why would Orlando come to the party anyways if he knew Justin was going to be there?? But I mean I’m glad he banned him after he almost punched him. I wouldn’t want someone who tried to fight me at my party

  • http://wattpad.com/PercyBieberxD PercyBieberxD

    Justin! That’s My Boy! Well, Friend ;) Wink Wink… No? Fine Then Be That Way…