Justin Bieber Jogging in the Beverly Hills, Hollywood -VIDEO


Justin Bieber went jogging in Beverly Hills on Friday — wearing neon green shoes with leather basketball shorts and a tank top for an interesting look.


The video below shows Justin Bieber & best pal Lil Za taking a leisurely jog along a sun-kissed street in Hollywood – followed by his big bodyguard!

Justin posted the video on his Instagram account with the message: “Lol @khalil “pace urself fellas y’all lose the yapparazzzi? ” lmao me and @theworldshero running in Hollywood”

  • Hannah Cortez

    That nigga does not have to be jogging he’s already skinny Lol and who was that talking?

  • Me.

    Normaly when someone wears green shoes and leather shorts it would look awful but when he wears it it kind of looks really good idk

    • lovethebiebzzz

      Ikr :)

  • lambor500S

    Lookin good Justin, that’s the key stay fit eat right you can cheat from time to time. Do it now while you’re young. If, you do not take care of yourself while you’re young you are going to have some serious health problems when you get old.
    Much love!

    • Me.

      Okay this just really made me laugh! Cheat from time to time? Wtf >_<


    Justin’s tattoos’re stupid ! No more they !

    • Me.

      Idk I actually like them…

  • http://www.twitter.com/Lizzy__Bieber kiddyrhaul

    Go Justin Go!

  • dashareed14

    Go boys! They want to get in shape.