Justin Bieber – Pink Adidas Sneaker!


Justin Bieber wearing pink suede Adidas sneakers arrive at Sushi Dan in Studio City with his Ferrari 458 Italia tuned by West Coast Customs (August 22).



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  • #1belieber

    I want those shoes. Pink and black always make a great combo. Oh and btw…….Fiiirrrsstttt!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie

    Uhm.. no offence to Justin at all, but it looks like hes been taking some harsh drugs judging by the first photo.

    • mia

      Word I agree that’s the same thing I said when I saw that

  • rani bieber

    i want jb all to my self

  • rani bieber

    i love my husband

  • rani bieber

    coz the beliebers deserve him

  • rani bieber

    support all the beliebers

  • rani bieber

    one day when i will a famous girl i will be a gf of jb not selena

  • mia

    He lost his tan =/

  • Hannah Cortez

    Guess he loves pink which is kind of weird for a guy haha

  • http://wattpad.com/PercyBieberxD PercyBieberxD

    Is He Wearing Socks or Naww? xD

  • dashareed14