Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back Together – Expressing their love for one another!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have reportedly been expressing their love for one another after rekindling their romance earlier this week.

JELENA have spent the whole weekend in each other’s company and expressing their emotions for one another.

A source told TMZ.com: “Justin and Selena spent the entire weekend together and it was filled with lots of ‘I love you’ talk on both ends.”


The pair first sparked rumors they’d reunited on Wednesday Aug13 when they appeared ”very close” after arriving for a Bible study class at the City Church in Los Angeles.

A source said previously: “Justin looked really comfortable with Selena as he still thinks their bond is unbreakable and knows that Selena will always love him. The pair sat next to each other while partaking in Bible study and seemed very close. They then left together in Bieber’s car.”

Justin fueled speculation they are back together after briefly sharing a blurry new photograph of Selena kissing his cheek as he holds her in his arms on his Instagram profile on Thursday (Aug14).

He accompanied the cute snap with the caption: “Right now everything else is a blur,” but he deleted the image from his account just seconds later.

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