Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Seen Riding on a Spyder Bike in LA -VIDEO


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted Wednesday night riding around Los Angeles. One fan captured video of the seemingly on-again couple on a Spyder bike! Check out the video to see Justin and Selena together!

While the fan was lucky enough to get the couple on video, it doesn’t seem like Justin and Selena were in the mood to socialize. Justin denied the fan who asked for a photo while Selena sat on the bike looking in the opposite direction.


Justin and Selena at the Bible study together. Selena is seen hugging lil Za

This sighting comes just days after Justin posted then deleted a picture of him holding Selena. Before they were spotted riding the bike together, another fan posted a photo of the couple attending church together (photo above)!


68 thoughts on “Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Seen Riding on a Spyder Bike in LA -VIDEO

      1. Kaylie Bieber

        iddcc its again my opinion…. and nah I gonna keep talking, bro you need to learn not to get so fucken pissy over someones opinion k

      1. Lailani

        Haven’t you seen the epsoide of friends where phoebe tells Ross that Rachel is her lobster. And she looks confused. And they kissed. I think it means that there meant for each other

      2. Belieber 4 Eva

        U r so dumb if u want to say something say it in one thin or at least DNT reply to urself cuz u just replied to urself “really fool”

        Do u think?

      3. Belieber 4 Eva

        Plz she is a belieber sister when u talk to her u talk to me and if I wanna use words I got 2 fo u

        Suck it!

  1. Hannah Cortez

    I couldn’t understand what he said but I think that was very rude of him. He could’ve just got off and taken a picture

      1. Lailani

        I don’t think justin is rude. He probably had other drivers behind him that were honking there horns

    1. Belieber 4 Eva

      Ikr I know what happened justin really like Selena which I completely support he wants to be with her fine but he wants to be with her soooooo badly tht he has to go by her rules he can’t do anything fun with other girls even if they r complete strangers he can’t go to parties he can’t do anything don’t u guys see she wants justin completely devoted to her

      1. #1belieber

        I see it. I always saw it. Justin doesn’t take pics with fans when he’s with Selena I’ve noticed that. This is why I think Selena’s bad influence on him. ‘Cuz she doesn’t let him be kind to anyone when they’re out in public. It’s sad Justin doesn’t see it. He’s a much better person than this

      2. Mrs.Bieber

        Your so right. He’s just so blind in love. I still wonder whether if their dating secretly or just friends.

      3. Kaylie Bieber

        Selena wanted to stop OLLG what if when he gets together with her shes going to force justin to stop OLLG!!

      4. #1belieber

        That will be terrible! He writes beautiful lyrics about love but in reality he seems clueless about it

  2. RB

    There’s a time and place for fan pictures. As you can see, it’s just them two together. Selena & Justin Bieber just wanted the night for themselves. Its rude of the fans to post or sell the video.

    1. Belieber 4 Eva

      If justin was with yovanna or any other girl he would’ve been able to take lots of pictures but Selena is the controlling type

      1. Mrs.Bieber

        No one parks/stops the car in the middle of the street, love. I highly proud your comment.

      2. Mrs.Bieber

        Well, not did I only give my opinion, I also did correct you. And there’s nothing to be so rude, bitch. FCKER.
        And please, we all can also say the same thing when you spending almost all your day writing, ‘I love Jelena.’, ‘Selena is pretty.’. That’s just like talking+writing crap.

    1. Belieber 4 Eva

      It’s Selena she wanted justin all to herself and now she has him

      But DNT worry justin won’t give up on his fans he will #breakfree

  3. ivan

    that was no time for a dumb fan to take pics; he was in the middle of the street on a cycle and his safety comes first. He was not going to block traffic for pictures. Also, he was polite not rude as that girl said if you see the whole video.

  4. clarisha

    I believe that Selena is so fake! She wants Justin just for her reputation. I mean everyone knows Selena as Justin’s girlfriend. She is such a bitch! She wants to take control of everything! JUSTIN BRAKE UP WITH HER PLEASE!! SHE IS USING YOU!!!!!


    but why in the last news sg turns her head to other side..i think she doesnt want peole know they are together…or maybe she wants to make sansation …………………..


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