Justin Bieber Shaves off his Mustache -VIDEO


Justin Bieber became a whole new man on Wednesday (Aug 20), when he underwent a facial hair makeover.

After months of rocking a mustache and partial beard, Justin decided enough was enough this week, and shaved the stache. He first shared a video via Instagram on Wednesday evening of himself with Lil Za in a bathroom, holding a razor.

“Should I do it?” he questioned, filming himself while wearing a sleeveless plaid flannel collared shirt. As Lil Za encouraged him to “do it,” JB contemplated his less-than-impressive scruff.

Justin Bieber shaving

Offering a zoomed-in shot of his patchy mustache and beard, JB whispered to the camera, “R.I.P. ‘stache.” He then applied shaving cream to his face and got to work doing the deed.

He showed off his handiwork soon after, sharing a bathroom selfie with his clean-shaven face. “Ur boy got rid of his stash,” he captioned the shot.

Watch JB shaves his mustache in the video below!

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