Justin Bieber Shaves off his Mustache -VIDEO


Justin Bieber became a whole new man on Wednesday (Aug 20), when he underwent a facial hair makeover.

After months of rocking a mustache and partial beard, Justin decided enough was enough this week, and shaved the stache. He first shared a video via Instagram on Wednesday evening of himself with Lil Za in a bathroom, holding a razor.

“Should I do it?” he questioned, filming himself while wearing a sleeveless plaid flannel collared shirt. As Lil Za encouraged him to “do it,” JB contemplated his less-than-impressive scruff.

Justin Bieber shaving

Offering a zoomed-in shot of his patchy mustache and beard, JB whispered to the camera, “R.I.P. ‘stache.” He then applied shaving cream to his face and got to work doing the deed.

He showed off his handiwork soon after, sharing a bathroom selfie with his clean-shaven face. “Ur boy got rid of his stash,” he captioned the shot.

Watch JB shaves his mustache in the video below!

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    I think tht justin looks good any way but he looks modest and cute without facial hair

    • belieberforever

      Your back!!! Totally agree.

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        My charger broke I missed my phone and this site I lost soooooo much info

    • Rebecca Bieber


  • Belieber 4 Eva

    Plus it brings out who justin really is

  • Me.

    He looks good with both but I prefer hearless it looks cuter

  • lambor500S

    Justin, you look nice with or without the mustache. Just make sure it is something you wanted to do and not because a few people criticize your mustache. Some people are just rude and ignorant. When you make decisions make sure it’s what you want not what someone else wants you to do. Because, you are the one that has to live with that decision you made not other people.
    Much love!

  • Hannah Cortez

    Yay he’s back with his baby face!!!!!!!!!!! But That selfie tho is sexy asf

    • You’ll never know


    • Belieber 4 Eva

      OMG where is beliebers hate lailani I miss her

  • Rebecca Bieber

    The hair OMB <3 it's so different and perfect :) My kirdrauhl is all grown up :( I love you Justin, and yay your gorgeous baby face is back <3

  • Rebecca Bieber

    My baby boy is all grown up :(

    • belieberforever

      OUR baby is all grown up. :)

      • Rebecca Bieber

        Yes he is :)

    • belieberforever

      But he will always be our kidhraul

      • Rebecca Bieber

        Exactly :)

  • Lyanne Miller

    He even looks good shaving hahq


    At last Justin Bieber’as shaved off stupid moustache .


    i think he is better with moustache…but he looks cute in 2 situation toooo

  • rani bieber

    ohhh my goshhh wowww he really grow up he really really grow up and i grow up with him wowwww lol @_@

  • rani bieber

    sexy and hot and ohh my gosh this boy he make my all time dizzy and i cant explain lol

  • selenator is a promise…

    I’m sorry guys.

  • selenator is a promise…

    Justin and beliebers I’m so sorry it wasn’t right for me to misjudge Justin please forgive me. I was wrong!!!! :( promises are promises I forgot who justin really was inside and the mistakes got to me it was too much. But justin is a part of my life I know he’s human and I’m really upset that I once went against him I don’t want to hate justin anymore. :( Please forgive me.

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      I have no idea wat u r talking about

      See!!! This is y kids needs theirs phone parents DNT get it

    • belieberforever

      It’s ok. Beliebers are like sisters. We can forgive each other. ♥♥♥

      • selenator is a promise…

        @belieber forever :(

  • selenator is a promise…

    @Belieber 4 Eva: I freaking judged justin for the mistakes he made but every one is human no one is perfect!!!!!

  • dashareed14

    Lol! I like his hair and his outfit. He looks hot anyway.