Justin Bieber Smokes Cigar, Celebrates Riccardo Tisci’s Birthday with The Kardashians


Justin Bieber joined Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner to help celebrate Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci’s birthday in Ibiza, Spain, on Friday, August 1.


JB shared a series of Instagram photos showing off the good times. In one pic, Justin is smoking a cigar. He captioned the snap simply: “Celebrate.”


Justin got into a scuffle with Orlando Bloom on the island days earlier.


Also in on the fun was Kardashian’s husband Kanye West. Justin posted an Instagram video of the party goers going wild while West performed on a balcony.


  • Sophia

    What is happening to him.. He had such a bright future ahead of him but now, it all seems like a blur. He’s wasting something a ton of people who have so much more passion and dedication could’ve had.

    Fix your crap, Bieber before your crap destroys you.

  • biebs4lyf

    He doesn’t look very good anymore, he looks almost dirty. I wonder what happened

    • Andy

      I see where he going maybe he is stress of what happened but I don’t like guys that smokes especially he a cute boy.He don’t need to be doing and showing that pic’s to his fans that’s wanna be famous like him.


    Cigars’re for people !

  • Lailani

    Justin is a good guy.

  • Lailani

    Justin always looks amazing no matter what. You people act like you don’t smoke.

    • Hannah Cortez

      So u smoke???

    • sam

      if you think smoking on a cancer stick looks amazing, something is wrong with you

    • belieber

      Thank you

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I don’t understand why Justin is smoking cuz when he was younger in school, he was offered a cig & he said no cuz “it wasn’t him” . Obvi cigars are worse than cigarettes cuz they’re bigger. I hope he realizes that what he did was wrong & stops. I’m still a Belieber cuz I know he can get through all this. At least he is on break & everything will be on track before the year ends.

  • ivan

    He RARELY has been seen with a cigar-the first one was a pose; here he might have smoked. He broke no law; it’s legal in spain. Is he supposed to be perfect like One Direction guys who smoke pot, cigarettes, and probably coke? Justin does not smoke cigarettes nor does he take hard drugs like coke or sirzzerp. His fans should realize he’s not 12. He will eventually settle down but now he wants to have fun as most teens do.

    • Hannah Cortez

      True but his behavior is getting out of hand

      • Lailani

        What are you his handler or his bodyguards.

      • Hannah Cortez

        Unmmmm can u STFU

    • Sophia

      You know what annoys me more than Bieber’s stupid antics? You beliebers who seem to defend him even when he’s at fault. Being a ‘true fan’ doesn’t mean supporting Bieber on everything he does. It’s about hoping for the best of him and not waste his career/talent.

      How would you know that? Are you with Bieber 24/7? Are you in the studio with him? ‘might have smoked?’ So, you were at the party watching him? The answer would be a roaring no. So, please don’t act like you know everything.

      Comparing Bieber to another celebrity/band won’t make Bieber any better.

      You seem like you know a lot about Bieber.. Correct me if I’m wrong but he DID smoke cigarettes and took sizzurp. Don’t if he still does but he did and who knows if he stopped because last time I checked, he was proven to be taking drugs but wasn’t taken to rehab (isn’t that fair..).

      It’s not about Bieber being 12/15/16, it’s about Bieber acting like his damn age. He’s not a kid or a teen anymore but people still refer to him as a boy and not a man because of his immature thinking and actions. Most teens? Most teens don’t get to party 3-5 times a week, at average, they get to party 4-5 times a month because they are STUDYING for their FUTURE. So, please don’t compare Bieber to the ‘normal’ 20 or so year olds who are busy studying to have a future.

      • Belieber

        Justin DOES have a carrer and that’s singing. And it’s different for collage students because they have to keep busy doing their school work that’s why they don’t party everyday. Justin has breaks and can more often. You gotta realize the difference here.

      • Sophia

        Rapping* I know that? That’s why I said that you can’t compare Bieber to ‘most teens’ because most teens are busy studying for their future while Bieber is blessed to not have to study and make tons of money which leads to Bieber having more time to party and do his stupid antics.

        Your comprehension level is so low, it’s making me lose hope in humanity.

      • Person

        Ok so what would you do if your were in his position honestly since your almighty and great

      • tia

        you’re right

      • ivan

        You are misinformed; There is no evidence he ever smoked cigarettes; a friend he had was asked and he said he does not and never seen him do it. He has smoked pot occasionally but so have most of Hollywood and One Direction-why focus on him? As for sirzzerp, he may have tried it as I tried pot but DID NOT become hooked on it. the Inquisitr questioned those rumors twice; furthermore, his urine and blood tests showed no trace of sirzzerp or Coke which can remain in you body for days or weeks. He has only been seen with a cigar twice; once posing, the other the other day in a club-big deal! You people are abysmal hypocrites; I can show your kids in America acting much worse making Justin look like a choir boy. Why are most of his critics adult white guys? thats another thing I can go into.

  • ivan

    By the way, One Direction fans don’t make a bid deal of what they do even when it’s worse than what Justin has done-Justin’s fans are way to critical

    • Sophia

      Because Bieber is way more talented than them. Remember when Bieber just uploaded YouTube videos online without knowing that he has a gift? However, One Direction, well they had to audition in X-Factor to be recognized which means that they knew that they have a gift for singing.

      To sum it all up, Bieber has a gift and his fans don’t want to see him waste it and go on the wrong path. Smoking will raise the chances of Bieber getting mouth/throat/lung cancer which in return, will waste his talent given by God.

      • ivan

        I agree. Justin and anyone else should not smoke anything at all but only he is criticized while older so called more mature celebrities do it openly and no one cares. Most rock, rap, movie stars, even President Obama have smoked pot.
        Why is the focus, by self righteous persons always on Justin, a mere kid who is learning and will settle down. I have seen more than mere criticism; I see pure hatred for this kid out of envy mostly.

  • ivone

    People need to realize that he is NOT 15 years old he is 20!! He stopped being 15 exactly “FIVE” years ago. He can and will have fun with his friends like any normal 20 year old should do!!!

    • Sophia

      Omfg, it’s not about people not realizing that he’s not 15 years old. People don’t criticize his actions because they think he’s still 15 years old, people criticize his actions because he’s already 20 and he’s not acting like one, he’s a role model to many and is blessed with so much but seems like he would rather waste them. He CAN have fun but not TOO MUCH fun. ‘Normal 20 year old’? Normal 20 year olds, study in college for their future because they aren’t as blessed a Bieber who can just stop studying and rap/sing (he doesn’t even sing anymore?)

      • Lailani

        His passion is music. He also loves what he does. After all he does have fans that are bit over zealous.

      • krystal

        and tbh Justin bieber SIGNED UP to be an artist, not to teach yall–kids–motherfuckers how to grow up.

      • Person

        Not all 20 year olds go to college and there is a good majority of them partying when there not studying or in class

  • Lailani

    Really people. Don’t a lot of young adults.

  • Belieber

    He’s grown up now. I may not like everything he does, but I will always love him no matter what and be his belieber. But i love the pics with the kardashians <3

    • Sophia

      Just wondering, but when Bieber runs over an innocent stranger because of his reckless driving and driving under the influence (bec he thinks he’s superior and can get away with anything and everything), will you still be there supporting him, loving him and being his belieber?

      • Belieber

        I know what you’re doing. You’re making all these “what if’s” and trying to test me If I will stay with him or not. Stop questioning me. Of course It will matter if he ever runs over a person. But I thought it was all about the music– not, oh he does this and that so I will not continue supporting him. I will always care about him. So just get out cuz’ obviously you’re not a loyal fan here. Gosh.

      • Sophia

        Well, sorry for asking that question because it seemed like you were so sure that no matter what Bieber does or say, you will always be supporting him and being his belieber.

        Music huh? So if one day Bieber starts singing/rapping about sex, objectifying a girl, money and all those things mainstream rappers rap these days, you will still be a ‘fan’ of his music? (Actually, his music are somewhat already like that but oh well).

        Wake up, of course, his actions and way of thinking are factors on choosing to support someone or look up to someone. Well at least that’s what people who use their brains do.

        Admittedly, I used to be a fan but not anymore. Loyal fan? Ridiculous. So if someone decides to stop supporting Bieber because of his terrible song meaning and stupid antics, you’ll label her as a ‘fake fan’?

      • Belieber

        Will you just stop already? you’re being so annoying. Just stop wasting your time writing all these paragraphs explaining why he’s such a “bad” person and do something worth your time instead of arguing with me -_-

      • Sophia

        Never knew expressing your opinion can make you an ‘annoying’ person. Well sorry for being entitled with the freedom of speech.

        “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time” – John Lennon

        I don’t care if you think I waste my time writing paragraphs, if I enjoy doing it then it’s not wasted time.

        Wait, I never said Bieber is a ‘bad’ person. I’d like to think no one in this world is bad rather their bad qualities just overpower the good ones. I know Bieber is a good kid, donating to charity, helping the poor, making his fans feel special etc etc. So, please don’t put words in my mouth. Comprehend before replying unless you want to make yourself look like a complete idiot.

      • Person

        Well yea you are annoying when you direct your opinion at a single person when they never said anything to you so I think you just attention seeking

        (That’s my opinion of you)


    • belieber

      Thanks I’m crying I LOVE YOU JUSTIN

  • Hannah Cortez

    It’s not the first time I’ve seen him smoke.. and I don’t really like the kardashians. But whatever I’ll just let him do what he wants bcuzz I really don’t care what he does anymore.

  • Lailani

    Uh hello he’s growing up.

  • Lailani

    Uh he’s human. He’s going to mess up.

  • dashareed14

    Be safe!