Justin Bieber Takes a Plea Deal in Miami DUI Case


Justin Bieber has reportedly agreed a plea deal in his driving under the influence (DUI) case and will attend anger management classes, sources told the Miami Herald newspaper.

According to the insiders, JB is not expected to attend a hearing for the case in Florida (August 13), he will attend a 12-hour private anger management course as it is feared public sessions would turn into a “frenzy”.

He will also have to view online videos of stories of real-life DUI cases with tragic ends, pay court fines and a $50,000 donation to charity.

Justin’s best friend Khalil Sharieff, who was arrested at the same time when they allegedly drag raced, is expected to receive a similar plea deal.

Miami police arrested Justin & Khalil in January for racing down Pine Island Drive, which had been blocked off by jb’s security team, and JB was said to have unleashed a string of expletives when stopped by officers.

Police claimed Justin admitted smoking marijuana and taking prescription medication, with a urine sample testing positive for the drug and anxiety pills Xanax.

However, his blood-alcohol levels were well below the legal limit and he didn’t appear intoxicated in police surveillance videos.

  • RB

    I don’t agree with the DUI videos or the $50,000 donation to
    charity, and for what it’s worth, I’ve heard nothing of any other charges that Khalil was charged for other than allegedly drag racing. It’s still a bum deal, and mostly likely, Justin will pay for plea deal.

  • Hannah Cortez

    I think that will work. Hopefully Justin learns his lesson and I don’t know what the whole charity thing is about but I’m glad all of this is taken care of. Hopefully Justin will get his act together

    • RB

      The only lesson Justin needs to learn here is to stay the
      hell out of Miami or anywhere there are known to be crocked cops.

      • DelilahR1827

        That’s DUI you idiot. He had alcohol in his system, therefore he was drinking (illegally mind you because he is under 21, as well). Either way, its DUI whether or not his breath just smelled of it. They took a breathalyzer and he failed. No crooked cops you dumbfuck. I love Justin Bieber, but the fact is he screwed up on that one. I feel sorry for him and I hope he’s on the straight and narrow once again.

    • Rebecca Bieber

      Me too :( I’ve been praying for him ever since, Love you Justin <3 Forever a Belieber <3


    The blood-suckers fleece Justin !

  • Lailani

    Uh justin loves giving back to his fans

  • lambor500S

    This is the best thing for Justin, to do negotiate plea deals with the remaining cases so he can put all this behind him and move forward. ASAP!

  • dashareed14

    Thats good!