Justin Bieber to Orlando: Miranda told me “I want to make a man out of you”


Justin Bieber & Orlando Bloom were caught on camera coming to blows outside an upmarket Ibiza restaurant earlier this week after reports that Justin had taunted Orlando with jibes about his ex wife.

But now it has been revealed the reason that made Orlando Bloom see red.

According to the Sunday People, Justin told the Lord Of The Rings actor: “Miranda told me, ‘I want to make a man out of you.'”

Their source even revealed that the flirty behavior between Miranda and Justin was one of the reasons Bloom-Kerr’s split.

“At the time of the split it was certainly one of the motivations. He was, and still is, very cross about all of this. He can’t believe that someone he regards as a silly little boy has had this impact on his relationship. He in absolutely fuming,” said the source.

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  • ZainJ

    Justin is Shit for saying that. That is really disrecpectful of him. He thinka he’s all maned up. But seriously he’s just this silly kid who thinks he owns the world. Clubbing, Smoking, Drinking. Stuffs that he said he wouldnt do, at the end he’s doing all of it. Shame on Bieber

    • Lailani

      Yeah and Selena smokes and drinks. It’s Not like she’s a Alcohlic.

    • Lailani

      Justin is a good guy. He’s a cutie.

  • Truly a Belieber

    Justin is really messed up. He’s not only causing dramas and trouble. He actually caused a family to break apart. His wrong doings are simpky unaccceptable. Doesnt he feel guilty? No! He doesnt, because he thinks somehow he’s the king of the whole universe. His money and fame had completely tunrned him into the person he is now. He needs to clean his acts up now before its too late. As a belieber, i truly hope that he will realise that he is wrong, he needs to get rid of the bad influences. That includes his dad Jeremy. And stop clubbing/drinking/smoking, models just want fame from him. Stop giving someone else the fame that he worked so hard for.

  • aint worried bout nothin

    I hope Bieber would go to prison, go bankrupt as his punishments for all his mistakes! This boy is shit, tryna act manly, hes just a punk

    • Lailani

      STFU, like Any of us really knows justin personally.

  • Lindabieber

    His dad cheated on his mom with a maid, I thought that he would be different. Now he’s instagraming pictures with different girls. He’s becoming more and more like a douche everyday. I hope he starts doing tour and make music again because he’s ahving WAY too much free time. He’s straying away from his love for music. Please just stop ! what happened to the justin that respects people and loves music and promotes forgiving?

    • Lailani

      How the FCK would you know that you fool. He’s not a douchbag.

    • 梦想

      He still respects people, he still loves music he really loves music, he promotes charity and giving etc.. Everybody has a lot of free time when their not on tour.

  • ivan

    You guys read and believe too many gossip sites; a few have reported he was polite and nice to Orlando and Leo but they did not want to shake his hand and were rude; he reacted but there are different versions of what he is supposed to have told him; probably nothing that bad to justify attempting to punch him witch is a crime in the U.S. called assault even if you don’t touch the person.

    He has been single; he has the right to date; that’s what single people do. Those girls are merely friends flirting or not.

  • ivan

    Use your brains and think beyond what you read in gossip sites. How many times do they have to be wrong about him before you stop and say: ‘Maybe this is not true’? I once posted a list in this site of reports that were exaggerated or false. He makes mistakes but millions of youth do the same or worse things but he does far more good than most-keep that in mind.

  • ivan

    Justin never starts trouble in any club with anyone; it’s usually someone else; in a club you could bump into haters who could start trouble. This has happened before.

  • RatioMaster

    He needs a good girl, someone who can help him to get rid of his parasitic “friends” and make a man out of him. His mom is delusional and Scooter probably gave up, so there is no one who can tell him the truth .

  • ivone

    Wow seems like anyone can post a comment about you as if they know you personally and worse people actually believe it!! No one even questions the 30 something year old actor that is suppose to be the more “mature, well behaved actor” !! Think people use your OWN brains?!?

  • unknown

    @Lindabieber:disqus Sorry, i’m not trying to be mean… but let me say that it’s Justin’s life, we can’t control it. He can take pictures with any girl, what’s the matter if he has ‘girl’ friends?! And second, he has the right to have free time. And NO he’s still making music, don’t you see him almost twice in a month in the studio with different artist? And didn’t you see his instagram songs?
    e’s so many others young men doing the same thing as him, but because he’s famous, he gets receives the judgments. With time, we learn. Btw, if you’re not a belieber (im talking in general) why did you open the site in the first place? -.-

    • Hannah Cortez

      I agree with u thank u!!!

  • Lailani

    How Would any of US know what justin does in his private time.

  • dashareed14


  • Hannah Cortez

    He has the right to hang out with any girl he wants. He’s single and you guys act like he can’t have girl friends. It’s his life not yours so stop judging him. It’s not our fault he’s acting like a douche. And it’s none of our business on what he does and besides he will never listen to us anyways. Just leave him alone and let him do his own thing. Gosh you beliebers are so judgemental. Seriously just give him a damn break

  • lambor500S

    People don’t believe everything these websites put out for us to read. It was one incident in Ibiza Orlando tried to hit Justin, and Justin, bodyguard block the punch and that was it! Justin and Miranda flirted with each other after his performance at the Victoria Secret show and that was it. They did not sleep with each other. Media took that flirt and added a few lies and made it seem like they slept with each other. Justin, did not break up nobodys family. It is all lies made up by the media. Orlando and Miranda’s breakup had nothing to do with Justin. They were having problems way before Justin, came into the picture.

  • Carissa Griffin

    Okay listen you guys try to find anyway to make what he does wrong seem okay which is not . If you were a true belieber you will always stick by his side but also admit what he is doing is wrong so that he could know that his beliebers are disappointed in him and that will make him think about what he do.