Justin Bieber to Orlando: Miranda told me “I want to make a man out of you”


Justin Bieber & Orlando Bloom were caught on camera coming to blows outside an upmarket Ibiza restaurant earlier this week after reports that Justin had taunted Orlando with jibes about his ex wife.

But now it has been revealed the reason that made Orlando Bloom see red.

According to the Sunday People, Justin told the Lord Of The Rings actor: “Miranda told me, ‘I want to make a man out of you.'”

Their source even revealed that the flirty behavior between Miranda and Justin was one of the reasons Bloom-Kerr’s split.

“At the time of the split it was certainly one of the motivations. He was, and still is, very cross about all of this. He can’t believe that someone he regards as a silly little boy has had this impact on his relationship. He in absolutely fuming,” said the source.

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