Sheriff Bieber? Cop with Pop Star Last Name Uses it to Campaign


A man in Wisconsin running for sheriff shares a last name with Justin Bieber getting some attention.

During Tuesday’s primary election for Shawano County Sheriff, police officer Adam Bieber has defeated sheriff Randy Wright — who had served as sheriff for two terms.

Adam Bieber’s campaign for Shawano County Sheriff has become more popular than he anticipated, even drawing attention from a senior producer at TMZ.


During an interview with NewsChannel7 on August 6, Bieber said he was surprised that sharing a last name with pop star Justin Bieber has given his campaign attention outside of Shawano County.

“A lot of people have been asking me about Justin Bieber. When I ran I did not think Justin Bieber would be a big deal in this election,” Bieber said.

  • Me.

    I want Bieber as my last name :(

  • Hannah Cortez

    Wow hes lucky. But since a lot of people dont like Justin I don’t think many people will vote for him

  • ivan

    The media makes a big deal of ANYTHING having to do with Justin especially his mistakes.

  • kiddyrhaul

    Justin Bieber is my police man! <3 :)

  • RB

    To get the attention of a senior producer at TMZ shows how relevant Justin “Bieber” is to the world media. If you named a bug Bieber, the world media would seek it out for an interview.

  • Lailani

    TMZ are the most dumbest people ever.

  • rani bieber

    i love justin bieber

  • rani bieber

    yes im annoying they said that and i still annoing with my love for justin bieber

  • rani bieber

    one day im gonna meet his face to face im gonna loke into his beautiful eays

  • rani bieber

    and tell him how much he really mean to me

  • rani bieber

    no one in the world love justin bieber like mee i love him for the first time :”(

  • dashareed14

    Thats really cool that they had the same last name.