Sinead O’Connor: ‘Justin Bieber was being Sold on his Sexuality’


After waging an open-letter crusade against Miley Cyrus’ “prostitution is cool” message, Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor is back to talk about the sexualization of young celebrities.

She told MagicFM:

I think that people focus an awful lot on the female aspect to this, but it is also the males. The very young male artists who are practically children or look like children are also being sexualized.

Justin Bieber is a great example. When he came along he was only 16 years of age. Obviously he was extraordinarily talented, so I’m not trying to negate that, but he was very much being sold on his sexuality.

Britney Spears, of course was quite inappropriately young to be sold in that way, dressed up in a school uniform. But I think that really people forget that the guys are going through it as well, and I think that is quite important.”

The children are being sexualized too early and both the male and female sense of worth is focused on the way they look and whether or not they are attractive to the opposite sex.

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    Sinead O’Connor criticize Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez because he envies them beauty .

    • MARZ8734 .

      She didn’t criticize Justin


        She’as just passed truth .

      • MARZ8734 .

        what? lol


        Polish sentence; it means that person speak untruth .

  • Lindabieber

    I don’t know, justin is pretty much doing that to himself right now.

  • Me.

    It’s not Justin’s fault that he looks good -_-

    • Kaylie Bieber <3

      YES amen! I get where shes going with it but still its not his fault that he is adorable and looks attractive

  • jess

    Well a lot of girls did obsess over his hair… so I can see what she is talking about. Sinead is a beautiful woman. She with no hair was able to sell millions of CDs and make with no help from beauty. However, if Justin was not as attractive as he is would he still sold as many CDs as he did? I think him being attractive did help me him more CDs then he have been able to sell. His team took his cuteness and overly used it to their advantage. I mean for goodness sake. They gave him a “swag coach” to help with to appear more attractive and teach him how to be more flirty with girls. If that is not using his sexuality to draw a bigger crowd to buy more of CDs, then I don’t know what is.

  • bilal

    That’s true, and the social media is a prove, most of justin’s fans post about his hotness and that they want him to f**k them and also justin post a lot of photos of him shirtless on instagram.
    Basically Justin and one direction and most of the boy bands were helped by their hotness, the real musicians r Adele, lorde and singers like them.

  • Taylor

    I don’t fully agree, but she does have a point

  • Lailani

    Seriously uh. She’s old and stupid.

    • MARZ8734 .

      Wise up, don’t mean to be offensive but seriously wise up

      • Lailani

        WTF seriously uh.

      • #1belieber

        UH could u stop that!

  • Lailani

    Justin is amazing and adorable

  • Hannah Cortez

    What does that exactly mean ? I know I feel stupid but I dont understand what she was trying to say

  • dashareed14

    Alot of girls was obsessed over his hair, songs, and looks. I think everybody get sexualized but that when they hit they teens. But for celebrities its when they young, teen and older.