‘The Expendables 3′ Stars Want Justin Bieber for the Next Film – Interview


With The Expendables 3 hitting theaters on Friday, many fans are already looking forward to the next movie and who will show up to join the team. But one name floating around seems to have everyone perplexed.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight on Monday, some of the cast members addressed a rumor that Justin Bieber would be joining for the fourth installment of the action franchise. According to them, it is not in a role many would think.

“We need someone to stir the tea,” joked Jason Statham.

Watch video below: ET asked the current stars about the rumors that Justin will make an appearance in the Expendables film and their reaction was priceless!

  • belieber

    That would be cool

  • ivan

    Justin has a little acting experience but in an action movie he could be as good as a lot of stars today. Action movies don’t require too much; Jason and Stallone are so so actors but great in action movies.

  • Hannah Cortez

    That would be nice

  • Lailani

    Justin is talented

  • Lailani

    I love Justin

  • lambor500S

    Justin, would really have to buff up to play in that action movie gain at least an aditional 40 to 60 pounds. Because, everyone in this movie is huge and buff and probably weigh over 200 pounds muscle not fat. I think Justin, would do good job whether it’s a cameo appearance or playing a major role.
    Good Luck! Justin
    I hope you accept the role for Expendables 4
    Much love!

  • dashareed14

    He has acting experience but people won’t give him a chance. I will love to see him in t he fourth one. I was hoping he will be in the third one. I’m excited already.