U.S. Border Guard Fired After Allegedly Accepts Bribe From Justin Bieber, Report Says


A Niagara Falls border guard in Ontario has been fired after allegedly accepting a bribe from Justin Bieber.

Two Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers said the guard was fired for accepting up to US$10,000 worth of backstage passes to one of JB’s shows.

The guard reportedly issued temporary resident permits to two members of JB’s entourage who hold criminal records so they could enter Canada in order perform a show.

NowToronto.com reports that the scheme was uncovered after another group of JB’s friends came to the same border, expecting the same treatment from another officer. However that officer promptly blew the whistle, informing others of the situation.

Allegations against the guard, who remains anonymous, include accepting gifts, benefits, and travel offers, engaging in preferential treatment, misuse of government electronic networks, and abuse of authority.

The CBSA Professional Standards Investigation Directorate is now investigating all suspicious behavior and employee misconduct in the Southern Ontario region, reports the National Post.

  • Hannah Cortez


  • Scars Are Beautiful

    This articular doesn’t even say when or any ACTUAL information. For once I don’t see a story at least a little bit true.

    • rachel vivian greenberg

      This articular doesn’t even say when or any actual information. For once I don’t see a story at least a little but true.

    • Lailani

      Whatever idiot

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Me too I just got confused on what happend

  • Me.

    This is bullsh*t

    • ivan

      See inquisitr site on this; Justin was not even present when these guys tried to get into Canada by Bribing.

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  • bb14

    stupid kid

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      He’s not stupid.

    • Lailani

      Like you know anything about him

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      I need to leave no one likes u I think u might be worse than lailani she likes justin she is just a mean bitch

  • ivan

    Justin was neither involved in this nor was he present when these guys offered bribes according to the Inquisitr site. Keep in mind he traveled with over 25- people in his Believe tour which includes about a dozen dancers, musicians, and other assistants. A few may have had some criminal record in their past, perhaps drugs or other.

  • ivan

    During one of his tours, a dancer was caught with pot in his bags; paid a fine.
    This shows you never know what they might do without Justin knowing about it.

  • Lailani

    WTF. Seriously uh


    Justin Bieber can’t takes responsibility of behave some members his team .