Jasmine Villegas on Justin Bieber: ‘We Dont Text Each Other These Days’ -Interview


Jasmine Villegas talks about Justin Bieber in the latest interview with VIBE magazine (November 10). Jasmine V recognized as Justin Bieber’s girl in his 2010 breakout video “Baby.

VIBE: So fame didn’t scare you?
Jasmine V: No. I wasn’t scared. Especially my first big break was [singing the national anthem] at a Clippers game, and I just remember wanting to get out there and be in front of so many people. Now that I’m older, I think about it more and I’m like “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.” How did I even relax back then?

VIBE: Another big opportunity came when you were in Justin Bieber’s video “Baby.”
Jasmine V: I was 16, that was so long ago! It’s so crazy.

VIBE: Were you & Justin ever together at that point?
Jasmine V: Well yeah, I first met him on the “Baby” video. That’s when I first realized who he was. I didn’t know he had his own music at the time. I was more then honored to be in the video. [He was a] really nice kid. I ended up opening for him on his “My World” tour and yeah, we dated when we were younger, but we were so young and it was more work-related than anything. The only time I would see him was when I would perform. But we were still little, so it’s not something we can really take seriously.

VIBE: Do you ever text each other these days?
Jasmine V: No. Not really. I run into him every now and then and that’s when I’m able to be like, “Oh, congrats on everything.”

VIBE: How did you deal with the Beliebers because any girl next to Bieber equals an auto-attack on the Internet.
Jasmine V: When I would perform on tour [with him], I would get a couple of middle fingers here and there from some of the girls but it was just something I had to take in and realize that it’s going to happen regardless. I’m a girl. I was in the video. You can’t take it seriously. These people don’t know you personally. After a while I had to be able to laugh it off and just not let it get to me. It is crazy because they’re so dedicated and they love him so much so I totally understood.

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