Justin Bieber Accused of ‘Abandoning’ a Pet Puppy Karma

Justin Bieber Bulldog Petey

Justin Bieber has been accused of abandoning a pet puppy Karma, but it wasn’t even his dog.

Original reports from 2013 — when the bulldog puppy was bought by Justin at Ruffin’s Pet Centre in Stratford CANADA — indicate Justin gave the puppy to his father, Jeremy, to care for in Canada as a full-time arrangment.


The Sun newspaper alleges Jeremy asked a Canadian dog trainer, Trevor Dverichuk, to train the puppy in February before he took her to America, but did not pick her up.

“This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up,” the dog trainer told the newspaper.

Trevor is also claiming he has not been paid for the dog’s upkeep and alleges he has tried to call Justin. These claims are allegations only and may not be factual.

Trevor reportedly took to his Facebook page in September, writing: “Karma is gonna bite you in your a** biebers.”

The trainer claims to have tried calling Justin to come and get Karma, but hasn’t heard back from him.


Justin got Karma around Christmas 2013, finding the puppy at Ruffin’s Pet Centre in Stratford, Ontario.

At the time, Justin’s dad Jeremy asked fans to help name Justin’s new pet.

Jeremy tweeted in 2013: “So we’re gonna let one lucky #belieber name @justinbieber’s new puppy…. Follow and find out how it can be you).”

Later, he revealed: “so we have got a name selected for the newest Bieber. Big thanks to @justinfredos the Belieber who chose it ‘Karma’.”

Poor Justin – getting the blame!

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