Justin Bieber Spent $11k Jewelry Shopping at Avianne & Co. NYC

Justin Bieber shops jewelry -nyc

Justin Bieber visited Avianne & Co. on W. 47th St. NYC to get his gold chain cleaned. Among his purchases was a yellow gold, diamond dotted Jesus face pendant priced on the store’s website at $11,385, reports NYdailynews.

Justin Bieber shops jewelry -nyc2

Justin wore a black hat and a corduroy coat, he also bought a gold and diamond angel pendant, priced on the website at $8,780.

Justin Bieber shops jewelry -nyc3

“He’s a good kid. He has a good heart,” the store owner, Boris Avianne told the Daily News of JB’s visit to his store.

Boris refused to disclose if he gave Justin — whose reported net worth is $200 million — a break on the price.

Boris said his son, Elliot, sold a bunch of jewelry to Justin a couple of weeks ago. But the owner said it was the first time Justin had been in his store.


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