Justin Bieber Bought $60M G6 Private Jet for His Own Christmas Gift! [PICS]


Justin Bieber appeared to gift himself a luxury private jet this Christmas, blasting out boastful pictures of the new plane to his beliebers on Instagram, on Friday.

“New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful,” he captioned one photo, showing him inside the cabin of the aircraft.


Another image shows off the snazzy leather and wood-panel interior. “Merry Christmas she’s a beauty,” he wrote.

It’s a G6 plane.
According to TMZ!, the average G6 goes for about $60 million, so there’s a chance Justin just bought part ownership, rather than buying the whole thing. But still, it’s quite the extravagance. The jet can sit at least 11 people in cream leather seats that look downright luxurious.

Justin spent Christmas Eve between his dad’s house in Canada, with his siblings Jaxon and Jazzy, and a boozy hometown party.


“Small town boy at heart no harm in a little #beerpong,” he wrote on one photo of a small group of youngsters standing around tables filled with red cups.

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