Justin Bieber ‘Confident’ Among the Worst Music Videos of 2014! + Nicki Minaj Anaconda, Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty! Yahoo Music!


Justin Bieber’s “Confident” is one of the worst music video of 2014, according to Yahoo! Music.

via Yahoo Music!

“Best” and “worst” are subjective terms. Something that’s absurd or obscene to one viewer might be hilarious or titillating to another. But after poring through dozens of videos, we found some that, by any standards, are just downright bad.

And in some cases, the worse they were, the more people watched!

Read on for Yahoo list of 2014’s just plain really bad clips.

1. Avril Lavigne, “Hello Kitty”
2. Nicki Minaj, “Anaconda” (CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT)
3. IceJJFish, “On the Floor”
4. Jennifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea, “Booty”
5. The Chainsmokers, “#SELFIE”

6. Justin Bieber featuring Chance the Rapper, “Confident.”
The only thing Bieber has in common with Justin Timberlake is the first name. The young, overly “confident” singer tries to come off all seductive, but he seems more like a stalker as he follows a young lady down an alley and through a bar. The mid-song acting segment is, at best, high-school-film-class quality. And how Bieber ends up wooing the object of his desire with weak pickup lines instead of getting sprayed with Mace is a mystery to us. Never mind the fact that his wardrobe choices of oversized sunglasses and giant gold necklace are as ridiculous as his barely visible mustache.

7. Paris Hilton, “Come Alive”
8. Riff Raff, “Dolce & Gabbana”
9. Bella Thorne, “Call It Whatever”
10. PSY featuring Snoop Dogg, “Hangover”

OMG.. Justin shouldn’t be on the list!!

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