Justin Bieber Dresses Like Sister Mary – Christmas Shopping at Masonville Place, Ontario


Justin spotted Christmas shopping at the Masonville Place Mall in North London, Ontario CANADA on Monday night.

A pic posted on social media showed Justin in a long black cassock-like sweater with a white stripe (it appears like a nun outfit), hood up, bags in hand.

As much as we love Justin, gotta be honest we hate this outfit. HA!

Word around the mall said Justin was in Build-A-Bear, Bath and Body Works (he was in, didn’t buy), then Boathouse, where he walked in, hood up, and stayed for 10 minutes.

Employee Hannah Howard, 17 tells Canoe.ca, “He was really sweet. He was here with his entourage … and he had his Tim Hortons, too.”

Then it was through the mall to West 49 where Belieber Jessica Raffa, 23, just happened to be working. “He was the sweetest. I’ve always been a fan of J.B. I fan-girl so hard.”

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