Justin Bieber Tweets DUI Arrest One Year Anniversary: “The difference a year makes.”


Justin Bieber just reminded us all that it’s been 365 days since he was pulled over, cuffed and arrested by police for suspicion of DUI in Miami.

Justin went to Twitter shortly before midnight to express how much he has changed since his infamous night in jail.

“The difference a year makes,” he posted with a smiley face.

We couldn’t help but have to Google what happened a year ago. Was it one of his 100 breakups with Selena Gomez? A paparazzi fight? Nope. It was the street racing take down that landing him in the slammer.

The media seemed to go by without mentioning anything. Perhaps it’s a part of JB’s new changed-ways plan? He’s reportedly trying to change and be a good Bieber these days.

The difference a year makes.

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