Justin Bieber’s Desperate for the ‘Hit and Run’ case to be ‘Tossed Out’ completely, report says

Justin Bieber is desperate for the case to be ‘tossed out’ completely, according to new reports.

JB has never got on with the paparazzi, but one incident seems to have been plaguing him from almost two years now. In June 2013 Justin was accused of hitting photographer Walter Lee with his Ferrari as he left a Los Angeles comedy club. Criminal charges were dropped soon after, but Lee is still going after JB in the Civil courts, something he’s reportedly not happy about.

Justin struck the pap on Sunset Boulevard, as he tried to drive away with his friend Lil Twist, but new reports claim because photographers were surrounding the car, Justin doesn’t think it was his fault.

According to TMZ, Justin believes Lee “deliberately stood in front of his moving vehicle” during the time of the accident.

At the time it was reported that Lee had allegedly been “pinned between Justin’s Ferrari and a parked car,” getting badly injured. Prosecutors at the time though dismissed the allegations and said that there was “insufficient evidence to prove that Bieber knowingly left the scene of a collision in which someone was injured,” despite him being accused of a ‘hit and run’.

Video footage from the evening shows Justin being bombarded by flash photography that he couldn’t really see anything around him, with him having little to no space to move his Ferrari at all.

Prosecutors also said that the evidence backed Justin’s claim, stating that it was both “reasonable and credible,” according to the New York Daily News.

“There were over a dozen paparazzi surrounding his car and on the sidewalk, and it was noisy with camera flashes and bright lights surrounding him. Given the scene and the stress of the situation, it is likely that Bieber did not know he had hit Walter,” the document also said.

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