A Fan says He’s Punched for Taking Justin Bieber’s Photo at FLUXX Nightclub in San Diego (Feb22) -VIDEO


*Justin Bieber flirting with a girl at FLUXX Nightclub, San Diego, February 22, 2015.

A man has filed a police report alleging a security guard working for Justin Bieber punched him twice in the face after he tried to take a photograph Justin.

Justin was attending T.I.’s concert at Fluxx nightclub in San Diego, California on Sunday (February 22) when he was spotted in the V.I.P area by Steven Prince, who approached him hoping for a photo.

Prince tells TMZ a security guard screamed at him and began shoving him, and he has since filed a police report about the incident.

Sources say that the official allegedly involved did not work for Justin and had been hired by the club’s bosses.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber and @DJTayJames flirting with a girl at T.I.’s concert – FLUXX Nightclub, San Diego, February 22, 2015

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