I’m Human: Justin Bieber Explains Public Apology – 2nd Appearance on Ellen Show -VIDEO


Justin Bieber makes a second appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, airing on Thursday, February 5. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Justin is asked about why he was nervous during his previous appearance and why he posted an apology video after that.

VIDEO: Justin talks about his public apology.

“Well, I’m a human… People often forget that, even with their comments and stuff they think it doesn’t get to me. But it gets to me.

You know things that people say bothers me and I gotta be strong enough to just keep it pushing. Yeah, that’s why I just wanted to make a video to just let people know that I’m human, I love people, I love love, I’m passionate about things and I’m passionate about being better and growing so I think that this is going to be an awesome chapter in my life and I’m so glad that I have you guys supporting me.”

During his appearance, Justin also plays a game called “Humdinger” with Ellen and a lucky female fan.


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