Ne-Yo on Justin Bieber: “It was a sincere apology, I’m anticipating his comeback”


Ne-Yo has praised Justin Bieber for apologizing for his past bad behavior, stating that he believes Justin will come back from his mistakes.

During an interview with MTV News, the Coming With You singer – who turned down the chance to sign JB – stated:

“I think it was very big of Justin to apologize, especially as I feel like it was a sincere apology.”

“I feel like he really knows that he made a lot of mistakes and he was sincere and genuinely sorry for it and yeah, I definitely feel like Justin will be able to come back, he’s a talented guy.”

“Beyond all of the scandal and all of that stuff, let’s not forget that he’s a talented guy, he really can play those instruments, he really can sing, he’s a talent guy. As long as the talent is there, you can always come back. So, yeah, I’m anticipating Justin Bieber’s comeback.”

Over the last two weeks, Justin has consciously stepped back into the spotlight with two appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in between which he posted a candid, soul-searching apology video.

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