1D’s Liam Payne Mocks Justin Bieber’s Multiple Arrests on Twitter!


One Direction’s Liam Payne might have just started a Twitter war. It all began when one follower threw some shade at him, writing, “@Real_Liam_Payne, Isn’t it kinda depressing for you to know that Justin Bieber will always be more successful than you? #”

Liam replied back, “@arianasmccann, how many times have I been arrested.”


Beliebers didn’t take kindly to Liam’s diss, which sparked a massive response from the devoted fans.

Liam quickly took it back tweeting to his followers, “Some people can’t take a joke … Bit of banter guys chill out. #makinglightofasituation sorry for the laughs guys,” ¬†attached with the image of 1D’s 13x platinum plaque from the Philippines.


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