Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Partying – Steps on a woman’s bare foot! [PICS]


Justin Bieber and his pal Cody Simpson made fans dreams come true when they were spotted party hopping from 1 OAK Nightclub to Bar 20 at the Grafton in West Hollywood.


However, Justin appeared at one point completely oblivious to the fact he stood on a woman’s foot while making his way into the venue — and the woman didn’t appear to mind too much as he step on her bare foot.

JB’s outfit was decidedly unusual and featured a long, white cardigan with leopard print shoes and shiny black jeans. Cody meanwhile, went more mainstream in a leather jacket and jeans while keeping a low profile in a grey beanie hat.

Justin took the lead on the way to the club.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber & Entourage sneak off to after party from back of 1 Oak WeHo

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