Justin Bieber in Miami— Cops Called After Party Girls Get the Boot, report says


*Pool Party: Justin and the girls at Miami hotel

Justin Bieber is enjoying a week-long 21st birthday party, and things got a little chaotic during Friday’s installment in South Florida.

According to reports, police were summoned to JB’s Miami Beach Edition Hotel room after a group of young women who’d been partying with him called the cops after JB’s security personnel allegedly booted them from the premises following an argument.

The women say they’d left behind personal property like cell phones and were unable to retrieve them. When law enforcement officers arrived, they took the group back up to Justin’s room and helped resolve whatever conflict there had been. The booted revelers were allowed to rejoin the festivities. There were no citations or arrests.


*Justin at IVY nightclub.

Later, Justin went to Miami’s IVY nightclub, where DJ Khaled was hosting a party. According to TMZ, Justin spent about $3,600 on booze including vodka and champagne, partying with a group including model Lira Galore.

It’s been quite the extended birthday bash for Justin, who spent last weekend — including his actual birthday on March 1 — popping champagne in the Caribbean with friends like Hailey Baldwin and Yovanna Ventura.

This month will end with a star-studded Comedy Central Roast of Bieber.

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