Justin Bieber Sued $850,000 by Limo Driver for smacking him on the head six times!


Justin Bieber was charged with assault in an alleged attack on a limo driver in Toronto in 2013, but the criminal charges were later withdrawn. Now Abdul Mohar (34), the limo driver who alleges he was assaulted, is now asking $850,000 in damages and a court order preventing Justin from coming within 100 meters of him.

The alleged assault took place December 30, 2013, after Mohar said he received a notification from the travel app Uber and picked up a group of six men outside Time Nightclub in Toronto’s entertainment district. While en route to a nearby hotel, Mohar claims a man he would later discover was Justin Bieber punched him up to six times in the head because he refused to turn the music louder, according to documents filed in court Friday (March 27, 2015).

JB’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, called the lawsuit against Justin Bieber “totally without merit.” In an emailed statement he said: “During the course of the incident, while speaking with the 911 operator, the limousine driver had, in fact, identified his alleged assailant, who was still present, as black. After a careful assessment of the evidence, the Crown attorney withdrew the charge.”

No statement of defense has yet been filed.

Mohar told the Star he was “really shocked” when he spoke to the 911 operator and wasn’t thinking clearly. The majority of the men in his vehicle were black, he said, adding he told the police officers who responded soon after that two of the men were white.

Mohar said that he was shaken after the alleged assault and went to the hospital two times because he believed he might be having a heart attack. “Too much stress,” he said of what he believes caused his symptoms. He has since stopped using Uber and only drives regular clients he knows.

Mohar did not want to fully identify himself in a photo because he’s concerned of reprisals from the legions of JB’s fans worldwide.

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