Justin Bieber Tells Stranger the Struggles of LA Life during hike at Runyon Canyon [PICS]


*Justin Bieber enjoyed a lengthy chat with fellow hiker Mike Maedke at Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles, during which he discussed the pitfalls of LA life.

Justin Bieber reportedly bared his soul to a total stranger during a hike at Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Justin struck up a 20-minute conversation with Mike Maedke and his wife, during which he chatted openly about fame and his life.

Justin allegedly admitted he missed his native Canada before gazing down at the Hollywood cityscape below them and sighing, “It’s so chaotic down there”.


At one point during the conversation, he’s said to have played with a passer-by’s dog, and he also gave Mike a lesson in the art of selfie-taking [photo above].

Things came to an end when two screaming fan-girls approached him, prompting him to give his new pal a fist bump goodbye and walk off.

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