Bruce Jenner Disapproved Kendall & Justin Bieber Friendships, report says


Bruce Jenner’s daughter

Kendall Jenner is almost all grown up, and her daddy Bruce Jenner is having a hard time letting her go — especially with Justin Bieber hanging around her, reports RadarOnline.

Insiders say it’s only adding to Bruce’s stress as he goes through the final stages of his transition from male to female.

One source close to the family tells the gossip site:

“Bruce adores Kendall and never approved of her hanging out with Bieber, so the fact she’s now spending so much time with him has sent him into orbit! He has tried everything, from sending emails and Facebook messages to confronting her about it in person [his daughter refuses to cut Bieber out of her life].

“Kendall’s extremely strong-willed and she’s not listening to anyone about this, even her dad.”

According to multiple reports, Kim Kardashian’s teenager sister has been spending more and more time around Justin lately, and the two were rumored to have gotten cozy with each other in the past.

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