Hailey Baldwin Slams HolliwoodLife for Writing Fake Stories & Spreading Rumors about Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner hookup!


Hailey Baldwin has taken to Twitter to slam a publication for a story they wrote about Kendall Jenner supposedly hooking up with Justin Bieber. Oh and they also said that Hailey was involved in a casual threesome situation with the ‘couple’.

Remember when Hailey, Kendall, and Justin all went to the Pancake House back in April? Well apparently that story just wasn’t juicy enough.

The report on HollywoodLife claimed that Justin is in a “friends with benefits buddies” situation with both Kendall AND Hailey: “Right now, he wants to be able to hook up with Kendall sometimes, and at other times with Hailey. Lucky for him, the BFFs have no problem with that.”

The *fake* ‘insider’ then said:”The thing with Justin, Kendall and Hailey is that they’re all really good friends… they also just hook up sometimes.”

The source ALSO fanned some new Jelena flames, saying that “Justin is just having fun with Kendall and Hailey right now, it’s Selena who Justin really sees a serious future with.”

Well.. Hailey wasn’t too pleased about this story and took to Twitter to clear up the rumors and deliver a nice smack down at the same time:


“Hey @HollywoodLife I think u guys are absolutely disgusting. U should really learn to leave teenagers be and stop writing so much garbage,” she said.


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