Justin Bieber & Fans at Make-A-Wish Event + Mini-Concert 5/27/2015 (VIDEOS)


Justin Bieber was pretty impressed when he did a special acoustic concert/meet-and-greet with a group of 20 Make-A-Wish kids, including one girl who brought along a totally unique bit of homemade Biebs merchandise. One fan brought custom JB backpack and he totally dug it!

The fan, Ilia, had a custom backpack covered with pictures of Justin and she wasn’t sure at first if it was a good idea to bust it out. Justin even shared some knowledge about a Bible story that goes along with her Belieberpack.


“Justin did like my backpack. He even told me a story that goes with the bible because of it. My back pack shows that I will love him through all the bad times too. Don’t take it the wrong way,” she wrote on her Twitter account.


The gig at Lucky Strike lanes at L.A. Live also featured a mini-concert with hits including: “Baby,” “Hold Tight,” “As Long As You Love Me” and “Boyfriend.”

WATCH ALL VIDEOS BELOW: Justin Bieber Make-a-Wish Foundation – May 27th.

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