Justin Bieber Records ‘Sickest Song Ever’ in much anticipated fourth studio album


Justin Bieber revealed he recorded the “sickest song ever” to fans waiting outside a Los Angeles recording studio early morning (May 19).

“Don’t be mad at me. Well, I’ve been working. I’ve been in the booth non-stop since I got here,” Justin is heard saying apologetically in the clip to fans.

He then added, “So, I’ve been killing it. I just did the sickest song ever. Yeah, I did two songs tonight actually.”

“I cant be mad at you @justinbeber,” fan replied.


In addition to fans’ tweets, the producer Soundz tweeted a series of pic reveals and messages about the session. In one, he revealed singer-songwriter Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, studio engineer Josh Gudwin, and DJ Tay James were also at the studio.

In another, he wrote, “Justin’s vocals sound so crazy right now..”


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