Justin Bieber Called Cody Simpson an ”Idiot” for Posting Video Showing a Weed Pipe on Snapchat!


Justin Bieber Jokingly Called Cody Simpson a ”Fu-king Idiot” for Posting Video Showing a Pipe

The singer recently hung out with his crooning buddy, as well as One Direction’s Niall Horan, and posted a Snapchat video showing the musically gifted group strumming the guitar and singing to Simpson’s hit “Home to Mama,” but Cody was so distracted by their jam session that he didn’t realize he posted a video showing a pipe on the table (photo above).

A visible yellow pipe in the bottom left corner of the video caused some controversy for Cody, who went on the radio show, Zach Sang and the Gang, to clear the air.

“Dude, someone said it was a crystal meth pipe,” he said when asked about what some outlets reported about the video, joking that if he was really messing with those kind of drugs, “You think I’d be here?”

It was an innocent mistake, according to Cody.

“Honestly, I didn’t,” said Cody, when asked if he’d realized the pipe (which appears to be a marijuana pipe) was in the shot.

“I woke up and realized it was there. I think if I had known when I put it up I probably wouldn’t have. Just for the sake of not knowing the other people in the Snapchat situation, who are less open about that sort of stuff.”

But Justin saw this as the perfect opportunity to give his friend a hard time.

“Bieber texted me, ‘You’re a f–king idiot,’ He was kinda joking, he doesn’t really care about that kind of stuff either.”

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