Justin Bieber Surprises Newlyweds with serenade during Bora Bora Vacation!

Here’s pics of Justin surprises newlyweds with serenade during Bora Bora getaway.


Justin was vacationing in Bora Bora in French Polynesia when he came across bride Katie Wollesen and her new husband KC O’Connor and sang for them as they sat down to eat.

“Met and hung out with the coolest married couples,” Justin Instagrammed a shirtless image of himself with newlywed Katie Wollesen and her husband KC O’Connor.


The newlywed Katie Wollesen also took to Instagram to praise Justin for kicking off their festivities.

Justin caused a stir on his vacation earlier this week when he shared a nude photo of himself looking out to sea, with his butt on display for the camera.

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