Taylor Swift Hates that Justin Bieber Faceswap Picture Miley Cyrus Posted on Instagram!

Leave it to Taylor Swift to have the BEST response ever to that Justin Bieber faceswap picture Miley Cyrus posted on Instagram a few days ago. While the whole thing made Miley giggle, we so knew Taylor and Justin wouldn’t be flattered.


Miley put up a picture of Justin and Taylor side-by-side…but with their faces swapped. “If you faceswap Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift they look like a cute, lesbian couple,” the pic read.

Miley and her followers thought the whole thing was hilarious, But Taylor didn’t. The “Shake It Off” singer responded with the best three words ever…

“Sending you love,” she wrote as a comment on the picture. Ohhh, snap…

Taylor is reportedly “embarrassed” by Miley’s antics, an alleged insider told the Hollywood Life.

“Taylor thinks the way that Miley carries herself is a little embarrassing and doesn’t want to be involved with any of the wild stuff she does and would like if Miley would stop making photos of her and referencing her.”

Justin hasn’t responded to the image.

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