Bad at Interviews? Justin Bieber reportedly Banned from Live Interviews


Rumor has it that JB’s reps have insisted that everything on his new press tour be pre-taped.

Justin Bieber’s reps reportedly aren’t taking any chances Justin will embarrass himself on a New York media blitz to promote his newest single.

A source tell Page Six that JB’s doing no live interviews, only taped ones, to cut down on any potential controversy. On Monday he came to the studio for Elvis Duran’s Z100 show to tape an interview that will air Friday.

“Justin’s people are so terrified of him speaking live, they’re doing everything pretaped,” a source told Page Six.

Justin’s also taping “The Tonight Show” while in town, to air Sept. 2. He’ll perform on MTV’s VMAs on Sunday, and insiders say he’ll also perform on the “Today” concert series on Sept. 10.

On August 26, The New York Times shared an interview with Justin and Jack Ü, and it includes a video in which all three men discuss the making of “Where Are Ü Now.” About 30 seconds into the video, Justin talks about the sounds used in the song, and he said something that really pissed off DJ Deadmau5.

“It’s expensive, you know what I mean? The sounds that are used are not cheap. They’re very expensive-sounding sounds,” Justin told NY Times. After hearing this, Deadmau5 took to Twitter to voice his frustrations with JB’s comments.

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