Justin Bieber Cancels Charity Concert Fusion Festival in UK, Fans Disappointed!


Justin Bieber broke the news to fans last night that he would no longer be performing at the Fusion Festival in England August 28. He apologized to his followers on Twitter, releasing a statement that explained an “unforeseen issue” is preventing him from taking the stage.

“UK beliebers I’m going to make this up to you soon,” he tweeted with an attached statement.

“To all my UK beliebers, due to an unforeseen issue I will be unable to perform at the Fusion Festival on August 28th. I support the Prince’s Trust wholeheartedly and I am deeply disappointed I won’t be able to perform. I look forward to the opportunity to give my UK beliebers a great show in the near future, and hope to honor my commitment to Trust at that time.”

Although he apologized for his unexpected cancelation, he added that he didn’t expect the media to take the news too well. “And now the UK press will start to tear me apart. Comes with the job. Love u guys regardless and I will make this up to you,” he assured.

Fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment following the news that Justin was pulling out the festival due to “unforseen circumstances.”

“Feel so gutted for my sister… She got tickets for fusion fest just to see Justin Bieber preform. Now he says he’s not gunna be there.” @GiggleSimmer

“Can’t believe Justin Bieber isn’t going to fusion festival.. What is life?. @ShelbyBarrett_”


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