Justin Bieber filming ‘What Do You Mean’ Music video -PICS + VIDEOS


Justin Bieber was spotted filming the video for his upcoming release “What Do You Mean” with Colombian–American actor John Leguizamo late Tuesday night in East Hollywood, California.


Filmed in the not so glamorous edge of Hollywood at the real-life motel The Harvard House which proudly advertises having adult movies as one of its features, clearly Justin plans to have some serious edge in this video.

Joining him on the Hollywood Boulevard set was John Leguizamo, and the pair endured hours of man-made rain, which really set the ominous mood.


Buying drugs: With the rain falling on them, they seemed to do some sort of dodgy deal.


JB’s love interest: His video girlfriend was dressed in a rather racy leather ensemble featuring a leather bralette tops and shredded pants.


His single “What Do You Mean?” will be released August 28.


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